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The Liva Village

a magical space of creativity

In 2018 we have created a magical space of exploration at festivals around Europe

Let’s create magic!

We are a team of experienced storytellers, circus performers, dancers, film makers, tantra guides, musicians and handywomen.

Our programme includes circus workshops, photo exhibitions, light-decoration, AV installations and experimental performances for people of all ages.

These unique trans-media experiences take visitors onto inspiring, colourful and deep journeys into their surroundings, their body and their soul.

Through this multi-discipline approach we help people explore the beauty of life through site-specific, interactive experiences way beyond thought, logic or mind.

Our core team is made up of 8 to 10 artists, while we collaborate with many more on-site. We travel in our own vans and supply most of the equipment needed, from projectors to decoration.

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