The Village is a space that transforms throughout the Day;

an inspiring and enlightening area during the day, merging into a psychedelic space of exploration at night.

the 3 elements



(workshops/performances/chill area)

The playful side


A combination of open circus, dance & tantra workshops, a playful area including face painting, drawing and open jams + a unique, site-specific circus show for the whole family including fire dancing, silk, trapeze and acrobatics.




The adventurous side


An original combination of exhibitions by award-winning journalists, physical art installations, participatory art by conceptual thinkers and screenings of film-festival shortlisted documentaries by Liva film makers.




The experimental side


A 2 screen AV installation looping 5 hours of experimental films from a collection of experimental films called DREAMS, exploring human emotions, spiritual journeys and physical sensations such as the vibration of sound.


As sleepy eyes rise from makeshift tents and bare feet leave the sanctuary of sleeping bags, we welcome those wandering souls into the cove of the village. As light of day works on our side, sounds and delicate visions will invite you in.

Exhibitions – Creative Journalism

Many double hammocks and hand-built benches stand in between the trees. It is a playful atmosphere, free and light, a creative oasis which we all fill with our creative energy and love. During the day visitors can explore outdoor exhibitions including sculptures, conceptual art and photojournalistic photo stories complemented by sound installations.

Our collective includes many traveling film makers, so in the evening we offer exclusive film screenings of documentaries from Bangladesh, Vanuatu, Italy, Peru and ever more countries (some of which were first screened at Raindance film festival).

Circus – a playful space

We bring a lot of second-hand circus equipment with us. Throughout the day multiple trained circus trainers offer open Circus workshops for children and adults including silk, trapeze, juggling, acrobatics and acro-yoga, face-painting, a big drawing & painting space open jams & world music concerts.

Tantra – Play, connect, explore!

Two of our wonderful artists will be giving 4-hour Tantra workshops. We create a space where people can experiment new ways of expressing themselves while connecting with one another.


To make things more dynamic we offer participatory dance workshops and shows including Japanese Butoh dance. Here we will invite dancers from around the world to join and collaborate with their art, create unique collaborations.

Night time

As the sun slowly sets, the energy of the space changes.
As the sun sets behind the trees and darkness falls over the festival, our village sinks into the mystical world of the ancient spirits. Lights in the trees turn on and lead the way to the space underneath the trees. Multiple projectors, directed at the ground and into the trees, play a vast collection of experimental, spiritual films called DREAMS. They have been recorded over the past four year traveling on four continents. Speaker are hanging from branches creating a complex sonic experience.
Dreams is a new kind of digital trance experience. It combines films, music, light and space. We take visitors on unique travels far within themselves, deep into mother earth and out into space. Dreams is an evolving collection of experimental journeys into the realm of the invisible, inspiring a reconnection with mother earth. The collection consists so far of 6 hours of material, from Sufi rituals in Morocco to a reinterpretation of a Steve Reich musical piece, from visualisations of unreleased Bon Iver music to audio-visual emotions and meditations.

Get an exclusive preview of the ever-growing collection DREAMS:

Site-specific, collaborative trance-rituals

At some point during the night our installations will turn off. In the darkness, creatures will crawl out of the bushes. This initiates the finale of our programme: a participatory, trance ritual combining all of our different skills.

Before the festival we will create a site-specific performance piece including a new kind of live cinema projections, modern dance, acrobatics, fire, live music and participation by the crowd. Along our core team we will invite friends and artists at the festival to join us. This will create unique collaborations of artists from around the world. We will film these performances, editing them into ever-deeper experiences of layers. All these works will be released under Creative Commons on a dedicated web-platform on VOIIAGE.


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