Experimental outdoor exhibitions including photojournalism, sculpture, conceptual art, sound installations and more.

All mediums cover contemporary issues and delicate cultures from Bangladesh, Vanuatu, Fiji, Italy, Peru, Iran, Latvia, Palestine and more, all created by Liva artists. Musicians share their melodies and little explorers have a place here too; pens, crayons and paper lay waiting for tiny hands to doodle their thoughts and dreams. Paintings and woven sculptures stand proud at the gates, the guardians of the village.

In the exhibitions we will include works of awarded creators such as winners of the Nikon International Photo Competition and award-winning explorative documentaries previously screened at the Raindance Film Festival.


Our new collective is an online platform for story telling through art. Bringing goosebumps and respect back into journalism. We are a daring, innnovative, grassroots project which aims at breaking up the old hierarchies of the media world. Our vision is a free, world wide network of artists taking back control of their art and their work while putting their energy towards humanity and peace.

Two Circles Designs

Two Circle Design are British sculpturers who give the village a visually unique touch! They are creating monumental scale woven installation sculptures from found and natural materials. These are lit by night and become part of the AV installations. And they also give workshops!


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