Edition 2018
An immersive installation

by voiiage & the liva collective

DREAMS is a growing umbrella project for audio-visual explorations including experimental films, music, dance, performance art and site-specific experience spaces. The guiding idea is that everything is one, from micro to macro, seen through a crystal in all its facets and forms.

an evolving collection

of experimental journeys into

the realm of the invisible, inspiring

a reconnection with mother earth.

A transmedia project by ramin ARYAIE

It combines reinterpreted and layered photographs,

abstract film and experimental musical sound scapes into a diverse spiritual experience.

A homage to mother nature and its infinite perfection, a reaching beyond the surface, deeper,
to the essence of things, to the soul, the invisible.

Furthering an understanding of the world and all beings as one. As a unity.

Dreams is an ongoing project which naturally evolves over time. 

The current version of the project was recorded over the past 3 years, wandering with barely any money through Iran, New Zealand, Morocco, Vanuatu, Palestine, Israel, Germany and Jordan. Multiple projectors play the films in random order, one leading with the sound.

Exclusively preview some of the unreleased films of DREAMS



Music & Soundscapes by Nicolas Jaar and Bon Iver

Reinterpreted live performances by Vincent Moon, Marco Donnarumma, 

Colin Stetson, AWEFEKT, Marius Soluna, Woodkid & Holly Bakley


photography, film, edit & design by

Ramin Aryaie


produced by



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