An experimental performance & installation

How can we heal personal , collective and inter-generational traumas? Is there a way to experience and rediscover the ancient healing rituals?

Follow us on a journey into the depths of the human soul, through pain, joy into unity. We merge a variety of experiemental elements including aerial acrobatics, live projections, electronic music, dance, theatre and cinematography.

The Liva Collective is a global tribe of artists and story tellers. This summer eight of us will tour through Europe to create spaces and performances at festivals, in refugee camps and on the streets. Our team is made of photographers, film makers, circus artists, tantra guides, handywomen and musicians. We travel in three vans and bring as much equipment with us as we can.

Below you can explore previews of our programme, films of our previous projects as well as interviews and links.

Our Pitch for Fusion Festival

We have prepared a PDF explaining what we do

Against All Logic

A preview of our transmedia performance

Splitting Dreams

Watch our show, images and the various layered films

Ankoku Buto

An experimental Butoh project in films and performances

Previous Projects

Kometa Festival 2017

In a fortress we created a cinema cathedral. An AV installation which got torn apart by a theatre performance


An experimental documentary live cinema performance. Created for the Fes World Music Festival in Morocco


A reinterpreted live cinema performance by Vincent Moon and Marco Donnarumma, recorded live at Michelberger Music

Awefekt live in berlin

An exclusive perfomance at the Funkhaus Berlin, interweaved with visuals created live at several shows in 2017

Interviews with our Members

Georjie & Ramin in Latvia

As we prepared to create our Cinema Cathedral at Kometa Festival

we met with artterritory to discuss our projects and visions